Hey there, I'm Guilherme

User experience

UX Designer. From Brazil to Dubai. Working and collaborating to get a better digital world, considering that there is a lot to be done on the physical one.
When he can, jumps on a plane to ride in the Globe of Death. Just for fun!

About Me

Guilherme Rodrigues / UX Designer

Who I am

Son, Dad, Husband and still UX Designer that takes some time do craft few wireframes :) I'm very entusiastic for things that challenge me. Things that come with "You can't'". Igniter of motivation.

What I Do

From UX and design until cracking some code. Of course, I'm not a ninja on coding as well as on infrastructure and cloud computing, but I've already put my hands on Azure and Bitbucket.

Since 2004. I've been working with IT and internet. I've seen some scary codes in ASP.NET, PHP and once gave support on Visual Basic 6. But this is all past. However, this experience played a very important role for me to build up a strong foundation for my current skills and knowledge on IT Systems.

What I can do best is translating the "flying carpets" and magical requirements into a MVP (Minimum viable product / as MVP stands for lots of things these days :p) to start delivering value and experimenting the market. Learning and adapt at every new delivery.

Here is a list to summarise what I'm currently working with:

  • Digital Transformation
  • User Experience Design
  • Research & Benchmarking
  • User testing & Usability testing
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Wireframes, Prototypes and Rapid Prototypes
  • Analytics & monitoring
  • Operations - Software development Life Cycle


UX Design






Rapid prototyping


UI Design


Front-end Dev




Guilherme's Portfolio

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Card Sorting

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User Journey

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User Personas

UX - Wireframes and prototypes

Wireframes & Prototypes

5 Pieces of work - UX Design

5 Pieces of work - UX Design

Unimed Porto Alegre

Unimed Porto Alegre

UAE Camel Race app

Camel Race APP


National SME APP


National SME Website


The MTS - Web app

The MTS - Web solution

The MTS - Promo Website

The MTS - Promotional website

The MTS - Mobile app

The MTS - Mobile app


I'm available for UX freelance projects

Yep, just send me an e-mail :)

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Mobile Number +971 58 505 4746